The Guide to Horizon Scanning

What is Horizon Scanning?


Horizon Scanning is a systematic process focusing on detecting the early signs of any potential developments. It helps researchers confirm or discredit existing phenomena as well as identify emerging trends that are on the margin of current thinking.

In today’s fast-paced world, things can become obsolete as quickly as they emerge. Horizon scanning aims to detect patterns or signals of coming disruptions that could have a transforming impact on our cities, the way we work, our communities, and our habits. The result of horizon scanning will help decision makers plan on how to exploit or mitigate these changes and secure the most positive outcome for their organization.

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Provide a Holistic View of the Future

A good horizon scanning program helps you monitor future trends across industries and surely brings new perspectives about the future

Detect Early Signal of Future Disruptors

New trends emerge while others disappear can cause major disruptions in your industry. With horizon scanning, you can detect early signals of future changes

Challenge the Organization Conventional Wisdom About Future Trends

Horizon Scanning provides new looks at different, perhaps conflicting, perspectives on the future to challenge the organization conventional wisdom

Share Future Information Across the Divisions in the Organisation

By requiring collaborative efforts from all sides involved in building the program, horizon scanning improves the capability to recognize and share information about future trends


The Complete Guide to Horizon Scanning



December 19, 2018

Predict disruptive change  -  or be the one to create it. 

One important trait that all successful organisations share is the ability to spot the signs of change and adapt - or even better, seize the opportunity to take the lead. In future studies, we call it horizon scanning (or environmental scanning). So what is horizon scanning? And what are the benefits it brings to your organisation? 

In this article we also show you how to create a powerful horizon scanning radar

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Are You on Top of the Trends That Will Change Your Business? How Digital Tools Can Help You Stay Ahead


January 15, 2019


Engage stakeholders with ease.

A shared vision of the future is usually better to work with than a single person’s expectation of what the future holds. So, getting people involved is the first important thing. 

Professional foresight tools offer possibilities to invite people to participate in foresight work. Technology alone doesn’t ensure participation, but it certainly helps in its enabling, especially if you are working in an organization that is scattered geographically and across time zones.

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